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Zipato Z-Wave Plus E27 RGBW Bulb

Zipato Z-Wave Plus E27 RGBW Bulb

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Quick Overview

Zipato RGBW LED Bulb with dimmer makes home lighting more fun and comfortable. With Zipato RGBW Bulb, you can control colour and intensity of home lights from the convenience of your smartphone, or other Z-Wave enabled controller. It has separate warm white, cold white and colour LEDs. This allows you to create both colourful light environments and regular white lighting, which is  easily customizable from an iOS or Android smartphone. Bulb fits into regular E27 socket and is able to produce light intensity comparable to 60W incandescent bulb by draining just around 6Watts of power!

Product Features

Thousands of colours available, warm and cold white, adjustable

5 colour channels Red, Blue, Green, Warm White and Cool White

Consumes a small amount of power but generates light comparable to 60W incandescent bulb Fits into a regular E27 socket
Once connected to smart home controller, customers can setup colourful lighting to automatically

Supports Z-Wave wireless protocol

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