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Aeotec Water Sensor 6 Dock

Aeotec Water Sensor 6 Dock

  • $35.00

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Quick Overview
Water Sensor 6 protects your home from leaks and floods in the easiest of ways. You place it down, set it, and forget it. Dock is a pro-tool that dramatically enhances the most important features of Water Sensor 6. With Dock and Water Sensor 6 combined, your home is protected by the most advanced Z-Wave flood sensor available.
Leak protection anywhere
Monitor 2 Areas
Connect 1 or 2 of the provided spot sensors to Dock to monitor for leaks up to 1 metre away from Water Sensor 6.

Power Optimised
Use a USB charger and provided cable to power Dock from a power outlet. Now Water Sensor 6’s battery acts as an emergency backup

Wireless Optimised
Raise Water Sensor 6 using Dock and optimise the performance of its Z-Wave Plus antenna

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