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Aeotec MultiSensor 6 Recessor

  • $25.00

Multisensor 6 Just Got Smaller
MultiSensor 6 is smartest and most subtle Z-Wave sensor available. Within its impossibly small design it features 6 different Z-Wave sensors, effortlessly monitoring a room and making your connected home all the more intelligent.

With Recessor, the impossibly small MultiSensor 6 becomes even more smaller. In fact, it becomes nearly invisible, sitting only a few millimetres within a room.
Multisensor 6
Subtle Installation
Whether it’s within a wall or in a ceiling cavity, Recessor lets MultiSensor 6 work its magic subtly
Still Perfectly Powered
The perfect option of running your MultiSensor 6 with mains or battery power continues with Recessor.

Recessor has been designed to allow for a power cable to still be connected to MultiSensor 6 so that it can run without batteries. Recessor has also been designed so that it can be easily removed to allow for MultiSensor 6’s batteries to be changed every 2 years
Still Precise
Recessor doesn't just convert MultiSensor 6 into a ZWave ceiling or beam sensor, it converts it into a precise sensor.

Once recessed your MultiSensor 6 can be angled, fine tuning its measurements and readings to just where you need them.

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