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VISION Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor - Capital Smarthomes

VISION Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor

  • $75.00

Quick Overview

This VISION Garage Door Tilt Sensor is a battery-powered device capable of detecting the horizontal or vertical position of your garage door, allowing you to know when it is open or closed from anywhere. Installation is simple and the device is fully programmable with all certified Z-Wave controllers in Australian version (921.42MHz) to enable you to monitor and control your door automatically.
  • Tilt sensor function
  • Small form factor
  • Long battery life with low power status indicator
  • External Switch can be used
  • Tamper Switch
  • Integrates with all certified Z-Wave controllers in Australian version (921.42MHz)

Product Details

The VISION Garage Door Tilt Sensor is designed to be fitted to any object which can trigger a change in position from vertical to horizontal and back again. Possible use cases include:
  • Attached to a panel/tilt garage door to detect when it is opened and closed
  • Attached to a letter box door to send an alert when mail is delivered
  • Attached to the back of a home theatre chair to dim the lights when reclined
  • Attached to the boot of a car to trigger an event when it is opened or closed
  • Attached to a tilt style window frame to trigger an alarm if opened by an intruder

This VISION Garage Door Tilt Sensor is powered by a single lithium CR123A battery which can last 3-5 years under normal conditions. A visual (LED) warning and Z-Wave notification event will be sent to the controller or any associated Z-Wave device when the battery needs to be replaced. Its small size makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses and for maximum integration possibilities.

The device also features two additional terminals allowing you to connect an external dry contact which operates in parallel to its tilt sensing. You can add external switch or any binary sensor, such as door/window sensor. The sensor has two normally closed contact terminals, which can be used for external switch wired contacts. When trigered, the external switch will send an Alarm Report.

Technical Specifications

RF Protocol

Z-Wave ™ 

RF Frequency

921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave


Indoor use only


1 x CR123A Battery

Operation Range

Up to 30m indoors with no obstacles




EMC 2004/108/EC

Operating Temp.

 -15C ~ 60C


(LxWxH) 74 x 42 x 25mm

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