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SPHERO BOLT Education 15 Pack

  • $3,049.00

Quick Overview

  • This special pack of 15 BOLTs is available exclusively to educators. The pack contains everything you need to get started teaching robotics and the fundamentals of programming.

    • Cardboard carrying box contains 15 BOLT robots, chargers with USB cables and protractors
    • Includes 124 classroom stickers
    • An app-enabled robotic ball that provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning
    • Learn to code by drawing, using Scratch‚Ñ¢ blocks, or writing JavaScript text with the Sphero Edu app
    • Programmable 8x8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data
    • BOLT to BOLT infrared communication allows for new games and advanced movements like swarming
    • Auto-aim your robot thanks to the built-in compass
    • Long battery life 2+ hours per charge ( Inductive charging)

The Finer Details

Electrify your class, club, or program with BOLT and Sphero Edu and get started with a 15 pack.

Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. 

BOLT was built to shine with a brilliant 8x8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data. Create and customise games and learn to code by drawing on your screen, using Scratch™ blocks, or writing JavaScript text programs.

Use advanced sensors to keep tabs on BOLT’s speed, acceleration, and direction, or orient and drive BOLT with the built-in compass. BOLT also features infrared communication, allowing your robot to “communicate” with other BOLTs, enabling brand new games and advanced coding tactics.

Program with the Sphero Edu app from nearly any mobile or desktop device, discover awesome community-created activities, or just drive and play. Activities within the Sphero Edu app are designed to expand imaginations and help shape a brighter future. They are cross-platform, cross-curriculum, and STEAM-centric! Inspire and be inspired by sharing your creations with the community (over 150 hands-on coding activities – and counting) and create assignments, track progress, and participate in activities in the classroom or at home on the interactive platform. Go beyond code with BOLT and the other Sphero robots.

BOLT's long battery life of 2+ hours per charge means it can handle even the biggest projects (6 hrs inductive charge). Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a durable, waterproof shell, Sphero BOLT establishes a striking new way to learn and play.

Tech Specs

  • Durable UV-coated clear plastic shell
  • Bluetooth Smart connection (30 m range)
  • Inductive charging (6 hour charge for 2+ hours of play)
  • Height: 73 mm x Width: 73 mm
  • Weight 200 g
  • Top speed: 7.2 KPH
  • What's In the Box:

    • 15x Sphero BOLT
    • 15x Inductive Charging Base
    • 15x USB to Micro-USB charging cable
    • 15x Protractor with heading, directions, and clock
    • 124x Classroom stickers on sheets

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