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FIBARO ZWave Single Switch 2nd Edition

FIBARO ZWave Single Switch 2nd Edition

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Quick Overview

The Fibaro Z-Wave Single Switch 2 is a wireless Z-Wave module which can control appliances or lighting up to a maximum load of 2.0kW

  • Control the ON-OFF function of a circuit remotely or using a wall switch
  • Compatible with all Z-Wave networks
  • Acts as a repeater expanding your Z-Wave network
  • Wide range of compatibility with existing light fittings and does NOT require expensive cabling
  • control loads up to 2kW (8A)

The main differences in the FGS-213 are:

  • Z-Wave Plus certification
  • Has power monitoring
  • 230V powered only (this is the same as the FGS-212)
  • No dry contacts - this is important. It means that the new FGS-213 cannot be used to control low voltage systems such as garden lights and irrigation, or where you want a pure volt-free switch such as alarm panels and garage door controls.

Product Details

The Fibaro Z-Wave Single Switch 2 is a smart Z-Wave module capable of remotely operating your existing light fittings. It works with Z-Wave enabled controllers (AUS/NZ version) and can be controlled individually or as part of a group in a pre-configured Scene.

The device is designed to operate inside your wall socket and can be easily installed by a qualified electrician.

This Fibaro Z-Wave Single Switch 2 requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation and works with an AC (110-230V) or DC (24-60V) power supply. 

The Fibaro Z-Wave Single Switch 2 also features a secondary switch input which allows it to directly control other associated Z-Wave devices. This means that by turning the switch ON/OFF you can also turn other associated devices ON/OFF even if they are not physically connected to the same Fibaro module. It also enables you to control the local load as part of 2-way and multi-way lighting circuits.

This product integrates with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers

    Product Specifications

    RF Protocol

    Z‐Wave Plus

    RF Frequency

    921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave

    Z‐Wave device type

    Z-Wave Switch, Routing Slave


    230V ± 10% 50/60 Hz

    Operation Range

    Up to 15m indoors with no obstacles


    Indoor use only, up to 2kW resistive load, 8A

    Operation temperature

    0 ~ 55 °C

    Storage temperature

    ‐10 ~ 80 °C






    EN 55015, EN 60669-2-1

    Regulatory Compliance Mark



    (LxWxH) 42mm x 37mm x 17mm


    Fibaro Single Relay Manual


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